Taj that i knew but did not know

There's something about the Taj Mahal.though i know Taj sice childhood, have been to Agra since my college days, my inlaws also live there, but recentely i went to see it and i observed that I don't know what that thing is.

Because it shouldn't be that impressive. I mean sure, it's a pretty building, made of marble, and it's kept nice and clean. But that doesn't explain the awe that it inspires when you walk through that archway and find it sitting there in all its gleaming white glory.

It's a bizarre feeling. Here's something you've seen in photos hundreds, if not thousands of times before, and straight away you know those photos have never done it justice.

Advertisement: Story continues below So what makes it so impressive? The smooth, shapely lines of the marble? The reflection pool running through the middle of the well-kept gardens? The fact that here's a monument to love, one of the greatest monuments to love, slapped in the middle of Agra, a place that hasn't seen much love in a long time?

It's all of those things, and none of them, and it still doesn't explain why the Taj Mahal impressed me so much. But there you go. Of the singular things you see when you travel – the famous buildings, monuments and landmarks that are known the world over – the Taj was my favourite.

So I've given away the ending here. But anyway, here are the 10 best things I've ever seen.


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