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Zeba is Friend, she has written this article at the back drop of recent Fatwa issued by Devband cleric that Muslim women should not work with men. so its a diffrent percpective and genuin one ....

Undoubtedly, Islam, of all the faith in the world, is the youngest one, and its influence on people worldwide has been unparallel. If one look at the history of the past 1450 years, it will be easy to understand the all-encompassing impact of the religion. However, the religion, which is supposedly believed to have followers divided into about seventy two sects, has been victim of dissenting protests, intrigue and some eccentric religious decree (or edict--fatwas), which keep hitting the headlines in newspapers every now and then.
Of all the misconceptions and misunderstandings about Islam, the most bewildering is about suppression and oppression of women's right in the religion. For instance, a woman is treated as a slave, not considered suitable to step out of home and join men folk at work. Quite a vague perception like a woman in Islam is nothing better than a subjugated creature has been gaining ground, of late.

Like Islam is the most anti-woman faith. Such erroneous perceptions are the order of the day.
This is a convoluted impression of the faith. Let us take a unbiased, unprejudiced and objective look at the tenet of Islam, and teachings of Prophet Muhammad. If any faith grants precedence to the right of women, one can say with utmost clarity and confidence that it has been Islam. While entering into matrimonial rites, a Muslim cleric confirms the right of a bride first ahead of the groom. The bride's wish is ascertained in the presence of two witnesses, as the cleric solemnise the consummation of Nikahnama.
Secondly, if a woman is not enjoying her marital life, she doesn't cherish the freedom; the religion allows her full rights to walk out of the marriage. Islam has granted the right to divorce to a woman in such eventuality ever since it came into existence. Furthermore, when a woman loses her husband, she is entitled to marry again after completing three months of mourning. In sharp contrast, we can go back to cruelty and obscurantism Hindu women have been subjected to in pre-Independent India, in the name of primitive social customs like Sati. If Indian social revolutionaries like Ishwar Chandra Vidhya Sagar and Ram Manohar Rai had not espoused the cause of these hapless women, the situation would have been terrible.

Coming over to the culture of imparting education to girls, the precedent has been set right there by none other than the grand daughter of Prophet Muhammad, Zainab, who was so fond of inviting girls to her home in order to educate them. As for allowing women to work, what can establish more convincingly than the life and times of Khadeezah, the wife of Prophet Muhammad.She was an affluent businesswoman, of much sterling standards. So much fascinated she was by the honesty, commitment and punctuality of Prophet Muhammad, who was working for her as a common hand, she extended a matrimonial invitation and Prophet had accepted so its understood how progressive approach he had for woman .

Prophet Muhammad himself gave much precedence to his daugther, Fatima. Whenever she will visit him, he will rise to his feet to welcome her. Also, he said in public that if Fatima is ever subjected torture, he will experience it as if the torture has been directed against him. (Jisne Fatimah ko aziyat pahuchayi usne mujhe aziyat pahuchayi aur jisne mujhe aziyat di usne Allah ko aziyat dee)
He called a daughter as the greatest generosity of the Almighty, a wife as the heir to righteousness of her spouse and a mother beneath whose feet lies the paradise

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Zeba Zaidi


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