जागने का वक्त है

one of my friend form Bombay oops mumbai has send me this massage, probably you all must have got this. but i felt to write it to friend

I dont want to light a candle to bury my remembrance for those who have died.
My heart is full of anger, resentment, pain and revenge.
I see no victory.
I see no reason to celebrate.
I see no reason to hoist My national flag outside Taj Hotel.
10 Terorist had the power to make the entire Nation go crazy for 60 hours.
we must fight back.
If the goverment cant save us, let the army rule this country.
The subtle speeches of manmohan singh and Pratibha patil fail to exinguish my anger.
For the first time in y life i dont feel proud to be an indian, a country which is unsafe, volatile and corrupt. we want reaction.

India needs reaction.
India needs leader.
Its time to wake up.
For gods sake , dont delete this massage.
please forward this massage to all your entire contact list.


लोकप्रिय पोस्ट